A Peachtree City accident attorney wants to make sure you know what NOT to do following a Georgia car crash. Click here to learn more.

You may have heard about the many things you should do following a Georgia car accident. But do you know what NOT to do? As Peachtree City accident attorneys, we want to provide you with a list to help you make your journey through a personal injury case as successful as possible.

What You DON’T Want to Do after a Wreck

  • Don’t provide a recorded statement to any insurance company, especially without your attorney present. Insurance companies are looking for ways to limit their liability, so they will try to get you to minimize your current injuries or talk about prior injuries.
  • Don’t sign a medical release form. This will authorize the other driver’s insurance company to access your medical records in order to look for previous conditions to lower your settlement recovery. 
  • Don’t sign any forms from any insurance company unless your attorney has reviewed them. Insurance companies will try to get you to accept some money and sign their release form—releasing them from paying any more money on your claim.
  • Don’t wait to see a doctor if you have discomfort, pain, or stiffness. Insurance companies look for gaps in medical care following a crash and will reduce your settlement, arguing that you weren’t too badly hurt, since you waited to see a doctor.
  • Don’t pass up a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. An attorney who is skilled in car accidents and negotiating with insurance companies is worth consulting. Most lawyers offer complimentary consultations, and you should take advantage of one.

To speak with a qualified Peachtree injury lawyer, call Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 for a complimentary consultation today.

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