A Primer on Common Gwinnett County Car Accident Lower Extremity Injuries

Georgia Auto Accident Attorney Details Common Lower Extremity Injuries in Gwinnett County Auto Accidents.

When a driver and their passengers of Bethesda are injured in a car accident, lower extremity injuries usually result from high-speed auto accidents. Normally, lower extremity injuries occur regardless of the type of accident. While every accident has different conditions including speed, types, and numbers of vehicles involved, the angle of impact, and other unique factors to each accident, the types of lower extremity injuries are generally the same.

According to the United States Departed of Transportation and the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration, 1 out of 5 Georgia accident victims sustained at least one lower-extremity broken bone. Only 6 out of 10 Gwinnett County lower extremity accident victims with moderate to severe injuries returned to work within 12 months. Auto accident victims which suffered one fracture, regardless of which limb or area, were still functionally impaired 6 months post-accident – this included daily functions including running, walking, and even sitting.

If you have suffered one or lower extremity injuries including, but not limited to fractures, contact a Bethesda auto accident attorney at Shane Smith Law to obtain justice for your Gwinnett auto accident lower extremity recovery claim. You will have a free legal consultation to determine all of and the extent of your Gwinnett County Lower extremity Injuries. Contact a Gwinnett PI attorney today.

Some common lower extremity injuries include fractures, strains, sprains, and lacerations of the:

  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Foot
  • Thigh
  • Hip
  • Shin

The knee is particularly susceptible to Georgia auto accident injuries. Some common knee injuries include:

Trauma to the back and front of the knee: Whether a car is rear-ended or hit in the front, driver and passengers’ knees are force into the vehicle’s dashboard and/ or glove compartment. This trauma causes tissue damage and internal bleeding.  

Torn cartilage surrounding the kneecap: This causes pain, swelling and reduces one’s ability to walk.

Dislocated kneecap: Accident trauma causes the bone covering the front of the knee.

There are also some general injuries that all lower extremities are prone to during a Gwinnett County auto accident:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Torn Ligaments
  • Contusions
  • Fractures

Suffering lower extremity injuries is a painful and emotionally draining experience. Contact Shane Smith Law for a free legal consultation. Your auto accident attorney will be able to help you determine what type of injuries you have suffered, physically and emotionally, as well as determine if you need future treatment. Your Gwinnett County PI attorney will look out for your rights and make sure you receive just compensation, not something an insurance adjustor believes you will settle for.

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