Airbags Injuries and Their Effects

Airbags are only one of the many safety features on motor vehicles meant to protect drivers and passengers from as much harm as possible if they are involved in an auto accident.  Almost every current vehicle is equipped with airbags and these airbags do indeed save the lives of accident victims on a regular basis.  Specifically, airbags often prevent traumatic brain injuries and other head injuries because they keep a victim from striking his or her head on the steering wheel or dashboard.  However, because airbags deploy with great speed and force, they can also cause accident victims additional injury.  If you have been significantly injured in an auto accident because of a malfunctioning airbag, contact an auto accident attorney in Fayette County in order to recover for your injuries.

There are certain ways you can try to avoid airbag injuries, such as burns, contusions, cuts, etc.   These include:

  • Do not sit closer to the wheel than absolutely necessary and try to leave about a foot between your chest and the steering wheel.
  • Never put children under the age of twelve in the front seat if there is a passenger airbag in your vehicle.
  • Always wear your seat belt.  Airbags are meant to provide protection in addition to safety belts, not to replace the safety features of safety belts.

Even if all of these basic safety rules is followed to the letter, airbags can still cause sudden injury.  For example, there was a recent recall earlier this year, stating that airbags were deploying automatically and randomly, without any warning.  This would all of a sudden decrease driver visibility and possibly cause an accident.  Also, the recall stated that pieces of metal may come loose and then release at high speed into the car in case of deployment.  That metal can cause severe cuts, puncture wounds, and more.

If you have been injured by an airbag, it may defective.  If it was defective and caused you injury, you may likely recover money from the airbag manufacturer.  If you have suffered an injury in an auto accident or because of a malfunction, contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656.  An experienced Auto Accident lawyer is waiting to help you.

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