Atlanta Car Accident Attorney Warns: The Insurance Adjuster May Employ These Deceptive Tactics (Part B)

An insurance adjuster may try to put you at ease and make you believe that it’s in your best interest to provide a recorded statement. One of the ways they will do this is by making you think the recorded statement is just a way to state the facts of your case. 

The adjuster may also come across as friendly and looking out for your best interests, but the reality is that adjusters are only looking out for what is best for the company. They want to pay as little as they can or even be able to deny your claim. 

Another tactic the insurance adjuster may try to act like you have no choice in providing a recorded statement. However, the truth is that you are under no obligation to give a recorded statement.

A Recorded Statement Can Damage Your Car Accident Claim

Insurance adjusters will ask you to provide a recorded statement shortly after the accident, but it can damage your claim. Your injuries could be more extensive than previously thought, or your vehicle might require more repairs than initially thought. 

The first week after your accident you may be dealing with some back pain, for example. Yet a doctor may find a few days later that your injury will require surgery and physical therapy. If this information isn’t provided in your recorded statement, you may not be compensated for that particular injury. 

After You Have Been Involved in an Atlanta Car Accident

The best way to deal with the insurance company is to consult with an Atlanta car accident attorney. He or she can explain the best way to handle the insurance adjuster or can do the talking for you. 

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