Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Advises on the Gathering of Evidence

After getting in a wreck, many people choose to file a car accident claim to help recover the costs and damages they’ve incurred. These claims can seek compensation for repairs, medical costs, lost income and more, but in order to be successful, there needs to be evidence to prove the other driver was at fault. Most people hire an Atlanta car accident lawyer to ensure they get the most compensation possible; you can help ensure your attorney is successful by being proactive and gathering evidence and information even before your claim is filed. 

Follow these tips to boost your chances of filing a successful car accident claim:

  • Take notes. After an accident happens, make detailed notes of the wreck and everything leading up to it. Write down the time of day, the weather, the road conditions – anything you can remember.
  • Look for witnesses. Did other drivers or passersby see the accident happen? If so, get their contact information. They could testify on your behalf.
  • Call the police. Having an official police report could help your car accident claim.
  • Get a doctor’s note. Have your doctor document the injuries you sustained, the treatment you need, how long that treatment will last, and how it will affect your ability to work.
  • Save everything.  Keep anything accident-related: receipts, itemized bills, etc.

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer 

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