Atlanta Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer: What to Do When Injured on the Job (Part A)

Truck and commercial vehicle drivers put their lives on the line every day that they’re on the job. In fact, according to a 2011 news release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, transportation is the second most dangerous industry in the country, accounting for 631 work-related fatalities in 2010. It was surpassed only by the construction industry. These deaths, as well as thousands of injuries every year, occur due to commercial vehicle accidents and collisions while drivers are on the job. If you have been injured, contact an Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer. 

When a commercial or truck driver is involved in a collision, they may be sued and held liable for any damages or injuries to the other party. Yet what happens when the truck driver himself is injured? These drivers have legal options, too.

Claims for Work-Related Injuries 

An Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer can help drivers file one of the following types of claims if injured in an accident: 

  • Workers' Compensation – If your company has worker’s compensation coverage, you can seek payment for medical bills, lost wages, and more through this type of claim.
  • Personal injury – If the other driver was at fault, you can seek compensation from them or their insurance company for the costs you have incurred.
  • A claim against the manufacturer of your vehicle or its parts, or the person who serviced or installed those parts – If your truck or parts of your vehicle contributed to the accident and your subsequent injuries, you can file a claim against the manufacturer, servicer, or installer of those parts.
  • Social Security Disability – If the injury you sustained in the collision has rendered you unable to continue working, you may be able to claim Social Security Disability, depending on the type of injury you have. 

If you’re ever in an accident, you should notify your employer first. You may have paperwork to file or forms to fill out for your injuries and equipment damages. Next, you should contact an Atlanta commercial vehicle accident lawyer to determine what type of claim is best for your situation. 

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