Auto Accident Attorney in Peachtree City Shares 8 Considerations of Reaching a Settlement on Your Personal Injury Claim (Part A)

An auto accident attorney in Peachtree City understands the importance of reaching a settlement in your personal injury claim that is both fair and full. When you are seeking compensation for injuries suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence, there are special considerations you should make.

Your Personal Injury Claim Settlement 

First, consider that a settlement can be reached at virtually any time. It could even happen before you file a formal complaint against the other party. The ideal situation would be that your personal injury claim is settled before it ever goes to trial. However, even during the pre-trial discovery phase, both sides could reach a resolution. 

In fact, a settlement could even be reached during the trial. So don’t feel that you must reach one immediately or it will never happen. Settling too quickly could lead you to receive much less than you deserve. 

The second consideration is that the percentage of fault assigned to both sides will impact your settlement. If you are found to be somewhat at fault, it could diminish your compensation or even prevent you from recovering any compensation at all. 

The goal is to prove that the other party was solely, or at least mostly, responsible for the accident. In Georgia, the laws state that as long as you are less than 50 percent at fault, you may recover damages, although the amount you may recover will be reduced by your percentage of fault. 

Third, always remember that any statement or admissions made to the insurance company could come back to haunt you. Just one slip of the tongue and your claim settlement could end up being much less than what you are entitled. 

This includes not only what you say but what you sign. Insurance companies will often try to get from you a written statement or permission to access your medical records. You are under no obligation to sign anything without first talking to an auto accident attorney in Peachtree City, who can advise regarding dealing with adjusters. 

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