CB Radios can Distract Truck Drivers

Most commercial truck drivers are aware that distracted driving behaviors are dangerous and can cause accidents and injuries to other motorists on the road. Some distracted driving practices that are commonly recognized include using a cell phone or hand-held device, programming a GPS, changing a radio, reaching for items behind you or otherwise out of arm’s reach, eating, grooming, listening to podcasts or audiobooks, and more. Some of these behaviors, such as texting, messaging, using the Internet, or talking on a hand-held phone have been outlawed for all commercial drivers. While drivers know the above behaviors pose a risk, many do not think twice about using a device that has been present in the trucking industry for decades—the CB radio. Most drivers do not realize how distracting using a CB radio may be, and therefore do not realize they are distracted until an accident has already occurred. If you have been injured by a distracted truck driver, you should always contact a Fayette County trucking accident attorney to discuss how you may be compensated.

A CB radio is a Citizens Band radio, which is a system of short-distance communications via a limited number of radio channels. Truck drivers have long used CB radios to warn other of upcoming traffic, construction, road conditions, weather patterns, or other dangers. Truck drivers often use CB radios to coordinate stops or meetings, or simply to entertain themselves and pass away the hours telling stories to one another. Though the popularity of CB radios has waned since the rise of cell phones, many truck drivers still use them as a source of communication and entertainment.

Like any other device, however, CB radios may cause distracted driving in truckers. Such distractions may cause severe collisions, serious injuries, and even death. Therefore, truck drivers should always be aware of the potential dangers of using a CB radio.

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