Clayton County Accident Impacts

Georgia auto accident victims may receive prompt settlement offers from the at-fault driver's insurance company.  A victim should not accept a check from the at-fault driver or his insurance company as this may be interpreted as a settlement acceptance and may prevent the victim from receiving additional compensation. A victim should consult with a Clayton County auto accident attorney before signing any release or accepting any money.

Insurance companies understand that there is no objective way to evaluate the financial value of an auto accident's legal claim. A payment should not be negotiated and made until the conclusion of accident-related medical treatment and after a physician determines future medical needs. The victim is able to calculate actual medical expenses and future therapy or costs by waiting until a doctor issues a release.

Clayton County auto accident victims may have immediate medical issues as a result of the incident. However, there may be additional impacts, medical and ancillary, that are felt long after the accident. An experienced auto accident attorney can ensure that a victim receives fair compensation for all of the impacts, both immediate and delayed. Some of these impacts include:

  • Medical—Injuries suffered in an auto accident may be obvious, buts some do not show immediate symptoms. Hospitalization for bruises or broken bones are subject to compensation. Soft tissue injuries and traumatic brain injury (TBI) may not manifest themselves for weeks after the accident. Additionally, an accident victim may face months or years of therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Financial—Auto accident victims frequently require time to recover from their injuries. This entails missed work and lost wages. Repairing or replacing a damaged automobile and personal property, including cell phones and laptop or tablet computers, also could create a financial hardship.
  • Relationships—Many relationships suffer following an auto accident. Lost earnings, slow recovery time and related health or psychological effects can have an impact on a relationship.
  • Psychological—Accident victims may feel anxiety, fear, anger, hostility, and other emotions as a result of the incident. These emotions can have an impact on relationships and employment success.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in an auto accident, meet with a Clayton County auto accident lawyer. Call the Shane Smith Law to schedule a free legal consultation.

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