Georgia Trucking Accidents Can Be Related to Negligent Hiring Practices

According to the Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Analysis Division, 31 percent of large truck accidents in 2009 were caused by truck driver-related factors including speeding, distracted driving, and failing to maintain the proper lane. If you are the victim of a truck accident it is important to have an experienced truck accident attorney in Morrow who can get the proper compensation.

Trucking companies may be liable for their drivers' accidents and they could be charged with negligence if it can be proven that drivers were improperly hired. Every trucking company must perform background checks on its drivers prior to employment to ensure its drivers are qualified and have safe driving records. If trucking companies do not perform such a check or ignore a check's results and its driver causes an accident then the trucking company could be held responsible.

Trucking companies must make sure their drivers have sufficient training and that they meet certain basic qualifications. These can include possessing a valid and current commercial driver's license, an age requirement, language conditions (such as speaking, communicating, and understanding basic English), and physical fitness prerequisites. Some trucking companies perform medical exams and establish blood pressure standards. Drivers who cross state lines must be at least 21 years old; those who remain within Georgia's borders can be as young as 18.

Truck drivers must have a basic knowledge of highways and routes and they must be capable of maintaining trucking records. These include time logs, mileage documentation, loading and unloading bills of lading, and performing weight checks while traveling.

If you or someone you know has been hurt by a distracted truck driver, meet with a truck accident lawyer at Shane Smith Law. We can assist in every stage of the case including obtaining the available evidence, so give them a call today at (980) 246-2656

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