How Cargo can Cause Commercial Truck Accidents

Following a truck accident, attention usually goes to the truck driver or trucking company when assigning blame for causing the accident. However, one party that is not considered as often is the crew responsible for loading the cargo into the commercial truck. Sometimes, this crew is employed by the trucking company and other times this crew is employed by the manufacturer that hired the truck company. Following a truck accident, an experienced Fayette County truck accident attorney can help determine whether cargo loading was at issue in your truck accident.

Cargo loading can cause truck accidents in the following ways:

  • Not properly securing cargo can cause the cargo to shift significantly, especially on turns or during lane changes. This can cause the trailer to suddenly sway, possibly causing the driver to lose control or even causing the truck to jackknife.

  • Overloading the truck can cause the trailer to be too heavy, which makes it more difficult for a truck driver to slow down or stop, especially if he needs to suddenly brake.

  • Loading cargo unevenly can cause the truck to pull in one direction or another and can make it difficult for the truck driver to maintain control of the steering wheel of the truck.

  • Under-loading liquid cargo in a tanker truck, such as gasoline, can cause the liquid to slosh from side to side in the tank and can cause the truck to rollover or jackknife.

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