Injured in an Atlanta Taxi Cab Accident? Who Pays for Your Injuries?

  1. You were drinking at a party.  You decided to do the responsible thing and take a taxi home, but the taxi was involved in an accident.  Now you have whiplash and a broken arm.  Who pays your medical bills?
  2. You were on your way to the airport when your speeding taxi ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle.  Not only were you injured, but you missed your flight and the important business meeting that you had planned to attend.  Can you be compensated?

 There are many good reasons to take a taxi.  A taxi is a good choice if you have been drinking and need a ride home.  A taxi is also a good choice if you have a disability or are unable to drive because of your age.  And, many people take taxis to avoid long-term parking fees at the airport or to avoid the stress of rush hour traffic.  Taxis are a convenient way to get a ride when you can't or don't want to drive.
However, taxi drivers are paid by the mile.  The more miles they drive and the more passengers they transport, the bigger their paycheck. While most taxi drivers are responsible drivers, some will take unnecessary risks to make an extra dollar.  Taxi drivers may speed, run red lights, tailgate, weave through traffic and drive aggressively, so they can get to the next fare.
If an Atlanta taxicab crash occurs, it may be difficult to determine who is responsible and which insurance company covers the damages.  Responsible parties may include:
The taxi cab company: The cab company is responsible for hiring safe drivers who have been properly trained.  The taxi company must check every taxi driver driving record and provide adequate training and supervision of the taxi driver. The cab company is also responsible for making sure the taxi is in safe operating condition and includes necessary safety features such as working seat belts.
The taxi driver: A taxi driver is responsible for the decisions he or she makes while driving.  If he chooses to drive recklessly, he is responsible for the consequences.
The City of Atlanta: The City of Atlanta regulates the taxi industry in Atlanta and is responsible for inspecting taxi cabs to make sure that they are properly maintained.  When a dangerous vehicle remains on the road and causes an accident, the City of Atlanta may be held partially liable.
Even if the fault is clear, the taxi company will fight to lower their liability. You could end up paying the bills without the help of an experienced Atlanta accident attorney.
If you or a loved one has been injured in an Atlanta taxi accident, contact Atlanta accident attorney Shane Smith at (980) 246-2656.  Ask to schedule a free legal consultation to discuss your Georgia accident claim.

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