Injuries in Rollover Accidents

There are many different kinds of car accidents that occur on the roads and highways of the United States every day. For example, Americans are involved in rear-end accidents, single car collisions, head-on collisions, side collisions (or T-bones), and more. One of the most dangerous types of accident that commonly occurs is the rollover accident. In a rollover accident, a car or sport utility vehicle (SUV) tips over onto its side, tops, or sometimes even rolls several times. Because of the various points of impact and the risk of roof collapse, rollover accidents are known for causing serious, often life-threatening injuries. If you have suffered injury in a rollover accident, a Fayette County car accident lawyer can evaluate your case and help you receive compensation for your injuries.

Causes of rollover accidents

There are two main causes of rollover accidents, which are referred to as untripped and tripped. Untripped rollovers happen because of speed, steering overcorrection, or when the driver loses control of the car for some other reason. These accidents often occur when vehicles are turning or attempting to round corners. Tripped rollover accidents happen because of an external force, such as a curb, pothole, or collision with another vehicle.

Though all cars may potentially rollover, SUVs and other cars with higher centers have an especially high risk of rollover. As a result, many SUV companies have installed roll bars or roll cages in its vehicles to prevent roof collapse in the event of a rollover crash. However, rollover crashes still occur as a result of dangerous vehicle design on a regular basis, causing devastating injury and damage.

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