Know Your Rights After Being in a Car Accident in Atlanta or Georgia. Do You Have a Right to Be Paid Back for Parts or Repairs You Made to Your Car Before the Car Accident in Georgia or Atlanta?

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Many times, as part of the regular maintenance of the vehicles, we have had to add new tires or add a new radio or add a new radiator or something like that. The insurance companies unfortunately do not have to reimburse you for regular maintenance items. A law does not require them to do so and they will not. This means that if you just repaired the radiator to your vehicle and then you are in a car accident, you will not be receiving any more money than if your radiator was not repaired. That is a general rule. If you have the receipt, I would always submit it to the insurance company and argue that you are entitled to more money. Just because they do not have to provide you with credit for the repairs you made to your car, does not mean that you cannot argue with them and maybe get the insurance company adjuster to increase their evaluation of your car. Fancy rims or wheels on a vehicle do not increase this underlying value.

However, many times in the past, when I had a car that was totaled and the insurance company did not want to reimburse my client for an accessory such as a new stereo or fancy rims, we have contacted insurance companies to see if they care whether that particular item has to remain in the vehicle. The answer is almost universally, "No, they do not as long as there are tires on the car or a radio in it", they are fine with it. Clients have then taken out the new radio and put in the factory radio if they still have it or even a cheaper model. I have also had clients go and buy four cheap tires and rims and put them on the vehicle and take the more expensive ones away. Only do this with permission though.

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