Obtaining Justice Immediately After a Gwinnett County Truck Accident

According to a recent study by the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 4,930 large trucks were part of fatal accidents. More than 100,000 trucks were involved in motor vehicle accidents which resulted in serious injuries. In total, 457,000 trucks were involved in crashes. As a Gwinnett County PI attorney understands, automobile victims of a large truck accident are far more likely to suffer serious injuries or even death. Depending on the severity of the truck accident, a wrongful death attorney may be necessary to pursue a claim in Clayton County.

If you have suffered from an accident involving any type of truck, speak with a truck accident attorney at Shane Smith Law. Your claim will be evaluated and your legal rights will be protected under the law.

Regardless of the type of truck, there are general conditions and specific truck attributes that lend to truck accidents that you need to be aware of. Regardless of the type of truck involved in the accident, conditions that increase the chances of an accident include operating at 55 mph or faster, driving on a curved road and/or poor weather conditions. All of these conditions increase the risk of a truck to rollover or jackknife. Trucks that carry more weight are more prone to a rollover, but less prone to jackknife. Trucks that increase in length have a lower chance of rolling over, but are more likely to jackknife.

This same NHTSA study also found that more than half of all fatal truck accidents occur on everyday country and city roads and are overwhelming due to the negligence or malice of the truck operator. Only a fraction of fatal truck accidents occur on State and national highways.     

If you or a love one has been a part of a truck accident, call the Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 to speak with a PI attorney if you have suffered injuries or with a wrongful death attorney if a family member has been killed due to a truck accident.             

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