Permanent Disabilities Caused by Accidents

Every day in the United States, people suffer injury in various kinds of accidents.  Common injury-causing accidents include auto accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, workplace accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more.  Many accident victims suffer minor bruises, cuts, or sprains in their accidents, or even more serious broken bones or whiplash that will heal with time.  However, a great number of accident victims suffer debilitating injuries that leave them permanently disabled.  Such disabilities may keep a victim from ever working again, finishing school, contributing to their households and families, or even from participating in everyday activities.  If you have suffered severe injuries in any kind of accidents, you deserve to be fully compensated for your permanent disability by the responsible party and should not hesitate to contact a Coweta County accident attorney for help.

Some injuries commonly suffered in accidents that may lead to permanent disability include:

  • Spinal injuries—Complete spinal injuries can cause paralysis and/or loss of feeling and sensation in the limbs, appendages, and torso.  The paralysis usually affects all parts of the body below the point of injury.
  • Traumatic brain injuries—Concussions and other brain injuries may lead to permanent brain damage.  Such damage may affect a person’s ability to physically move, speak, understand speech, focus on tasks, follow instructions, and much more.
  • Shattered limbs—Sometimes bones do not simply break, but they are crushed or shattered.  These injuries are common in pedestrian or truck accidents.  Many time, doctors may not save the shattered limb and must amputate, requiring the victim to be in a wheelchair, go through years of physical rehabilitation, or obtain expensive prosthetics.

Victims with these injuries are more deserve to receive compensation for their disabling injuries.  Proper compensation may include future lost wages, future medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

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