Proper Seat Belt Use Especially Important for Children

In the event of a car accident, the driver is not the only one at risk.  According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, the numbers of vehicle occupant injuries and fatalities have declined slightly over the past decade; however occupant injuries and deaths still remain high.  The NHSTA attributes most occupant injuries and deaths in car accidents to improper restraints, specifically lack of seat belt use.  Furthermore, vehicle occupants under the age of fifteen were the age group with the highest rate of injury or death as a result of a car accident.

The best way to avoid such injury to vehicle occupants is to ensure all occupants of your vehicle, no matter their age but especially children, are properly restrained by seat belts, booster seats, or car seats.  Furthermore, if you are an occupant in another driver's vehicle, make certain you are properly restrained to try to avoid any injury. If you do get into an accident in Haralson, and you or an occupant is injured, a Coweta County car accident attorney can help you.

First and foremost, as the driver of a vehicle, you want to make sure that all passengers are properly using their seat belts and other restraints.  Young children will likely need assistance, and make sure to take the time to check and double check their restraints.  Moreover, if you are a parent, your child will most certainly ride in another adult's vehicle at some point, or even regularly.  With the rising popularity of carpools, children ride in other adults' vehicles on a regular basis, often with many other children in the car.  It can be difficult for the driving adult to keep tabs on which child is properly buckled up and which is not.  As a parent, you cannot always trust that other driving adults will be perfectly vigilant and responsible while your child is in their car.  Therefore, you must teach your children the importance of using safety restraints such as seat belts, and must teach them the proper way to restrain themselves when in another adult's car.  Though it might be scary for your child, knowing the possible consequences of being involved in a car accident without a seat belt can help encourage them to always wear one.

If you, your child, or another occupant of your vehicle is injured in a wreck in Haralson or elsewhere in Coweta County, call Shane Smith Law for a free consultation.  As an experience car accident attorney, he can help you determine who was liable for your injuries and how much money you can recover.