Semi-Truck Back-Up Collisions can Cause Serious Injuries

Every year, people are injured in accidents involving large commercial vehicles such as semi-trucks. Because of these vehicles’ size and weight, the people who drive them often have a difficult time seeing the areas directly behind and to the side of their vehicles. Consequently, semi-trucks pose a significant risk of being involved in accidents in which a driver backs into a person or vehicle behind his or her vehicle. When semi-truck back-up accidents happen, victims can often recover for their losses by filing personal injury claim.

What Causes Semi-Truck Back-Up Accidents?

There are many reasons that a semi-truck may back up into another vehicle or object. While not all of these causes indicate negligence, many of them do. Some of the more ways that semi-truck back-up accidents occur because of negligence include the following:

  • A truck driver fails to check his or her mirrors

  • Failure of a rear-crash avoidance system

  • Brake failure

  • Placing the vehicle in the wrong gear

  • Driver error

The person or party from which a back-up accident victim may recover depends on how the accident occurred. For example, if an accident was caused by brake failure, the manufacturer of the vehicle or the vehicle’s brakes may be liable. On the other hand, if the brake failure was caused by poor vehicle maintenance, the driver or the company responsible for maintaining the driver’s vehicle could potentially be held responsible.

Contact a Peachtree City truck accident attorney for a free consultation

Individuals who are involved in semi-truck accidents are often entitled to significant compensation.  The kinds of losses that can people can recover  for after a truck accident include medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and pain and suffering. The assistance of an attorney can be a tremendous asset in ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve after an accident. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call Shane Smith Law today at (980) 246-2656.

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