Spinning Out of Control: An Atlanta Auto Car Crash Attorney Explains How Georgia Car Crash Spins Cause Deadly Accidents

What is a rotational collision? 

Rotational collision is a technical term that refers to any accident in which the motor vehicle spins around before or after crashing.  Georgia rotational accidents are are especially dangerous; as a car spins out of control, it may cross through lanes of traffic and hit other cars, light poles, fences, concrete barriers, medians, trees, and other vehicles.  If the car is spinning fast enough, it may not stop in a crash, but continue to spin until multiple collisions slow it down.
As the vehicle spins and crashes, its contents spin and crash as well.  Any loose objects in the vehicle will fly around the cabin causing injury.  The occupants of the car also spin in all directions hitting the inside of the vehicle multiple times.  Rotational collisions often result in multiple, severe injuries; internal injuries; brain injuries; permanent disabilities; and death.

What are the causes of rotational collision?

  • Icy or wet roads
  • Car accidents
  • Tire failure
  • Road defects

Icy or wet roads

The most common cause of rotational collisions or spin-out accidents in Georgia is hydroplaning.  Hydroplaning accidents occur when a layer of water forms between the car and the road causing a loss of traction.  To learn more about preventing Georgia hydroplaning accidents, see our article: "Bad Weather Driving: Six Tips for Preventing Georgia Hydroplaning Accidents".
Car accidents
Spin-outs can also occur after a car crash. Even a minor collision can result in a change of trajectory that sends both cars spinning out of control and into traffic.
Tire failure
Another common cause of spinout accidents is tire failure. If a tire pops while a car is turning or moving at a high speed, it may spin out of control.  Tire failure may be due to tire defects or poor tire maintenance.
Road defects
Defective roadways and obstacles in the road can also cause rotational collisions.  Driving through a pothole at a high speed can cause a car to rotate out of control, but suddenly swerving to avoid a pothole or another obstacle can also cause a car to spin.

How Can I prevent rotational collision injuries?

  • Drive at a safe speed.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated and in good condition
  • Avoiding over steering.
  • Avoiding hard braking.
  • Slow down on wet roads.
  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Avoid unnecessary clutter inside your vehicle.

What can I do if my car starts to spin?

If your vehicle starts to spin, remain calm.  Don't slam on the brakes; instead, gently steer into the spin to try to regain control of your vehicle.  Don't over-compensate or jerk the steering wheel as this can increase the intensity of the spin.

Help for Georgia auto accident victims.

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