Three Reasons Pet Owners Dont Restrain Their Pets and One Good Reason to Do So

The insurance company AAA recently completed a survey of 1,000 dog owners who drove with their pets in the car.  Eighty-three percent of these pet owners said they knew it was a good idea to restrain their dog while riding in a car, but only 16 percent said they currently use a pet restraint.
Why don't owners restrain their pets?

1. 42% believe their pet is calm and does not need to be restrained.
2. 29% believe their pet does not need a restraint because car trips are always short.
3. 39% have never even considered it.
Atlanta auto accident attorney Shane Smith has one good reason for restraining your pet. In an accident, your pet can become a deadly projectile.  Multiply your pet's weight by the speed of your car at the time of a crash.  If you are driving at 30 m.p.h. with a 30-pound dog, your dog will crash into you or your car with 900 pounds of force.  This can cause serious injury to you, to your dog, and to any children or other passengers in the car.  
Eighteen percent of those who drove with an unrestrained dog also had children in the car.  You wouldn't let your child ride without a safety seat, so show your pet the same care.
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