Atlanta Trucking Accident Attorney Can Help After a Car Accident Causes You Injury (Part A)

After a car accident involving a truck, you may be wondering if the truck driver can be held liable. Finding legal counsel should be your next step. You could start your search for an Atlanta trucking accident attorney by contacting the Georgia Bar directory or conducting an online search. 

You will need someone who has experience handling accident claims involving cars and trucks. There may be unique circumstances that can affect your case when a truck is involved, such as the employer possibly being held liable as well.

After a Car Accident Involving a Truck

There are important steps that need to be taken when you have been seriously injured in a car accident involving a truck. The first step has to do with the scene of the accident. 

If there are injuries, 911 should be called. If there doesn’t appear to be any injuries, the police will need to be contacted so they can respond to the accident and write up a report.

Even if it isn’t necessary to call 911, you should still be seen by a doctor after the accident. You may not realize the extent of damage or be aware of internal injuries. Failing to seek medical attention could end up hurting your case.

At the scene of the accident, you should take pictures if you can. Get a variety of shots, from the entire scene of the accident to up-close pictures of the damaged vehicles. You should also take pictures of any visible injuries you may have.

Get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident. While you are talking to people, however, avoid getting into details about what happened. As your Atlanta trucking accident attorney will explain, the less you say the better. 

Finally, while everything is still fresh in your mind, write down the details of what happened. You may not be able to recall important facts later on, so writing it down as soon as possible is best. 

You should also contact an attorney while everything is fresh on your mind. To ensure that you speak with a legitimate lawyer, consult the Georgia Bar directory.

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