Tips for Driving in Adverse Weather

As winter gets closer, the weather gets colder and the roads may become frozen, snowy, icy, or slick for other reasons.  As adverse weather conditions increase, so does the risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffering injury.  Drivers have a duty to drive with reasonable care given the road and visibility conditions.  Therefore, a driver who travels too fast for the conditions does not live up to that duty and may be found negligent in a court of law.  If found negligent, the driver will likely have to pay for any damage caused in an accident and any accident related injuries.  If you have been injured by an unsafe winter driver, you should call a Fayette County auto accident attorney as soon as possible to see if you have a case.

Here are some basic safety rules for driving in adverse weather to avoid accidents:

  • Stay home if possible.  When roads are slick or icy, avoid venturing out whenever possible and you may completely eliminate your chance of an adverse weather accident.
  • Bring your cell phone (but do not use it while driving).  If you do leave, you want to be connected to the world in case you are involved in an accident and injured in some way.  However, you always want to avoid distracted driving behaviors in adverse weather.  A cell phone is one of the most dangerous distracted driving activities and should be completely avoided in adverse weather.
  • Drive responsibly.  Avoid dangerous driving habits.  These may include speeding, tailgating, constant lane changes, and more.  You should also make sure you have plenty of space and time to stop at traffic signals or behind other vehicles as you never want to slam on your brakes.

These are only a few safety tips for winter driving. Everyone should use common sense and try to avoid accidents and stay safe. Also, if you have been in an accident, call the Law Office of Shane Smith at (980) 246-2656 for help from an auto accident lawyer today.

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