Understanding the Emotional Impact of a Pedestrian Accident from a Gwinnett County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Emotional Impact of a Gwinnett County Pedestrian Accident I Georgia Pedestrian Accident Attorney

After suffering a traumatic Georgia pedestrian accident due to the negligence or even recklessness of a motor vehicle operator, it is natural to experience a flood of conflicting and overwhelming emotions. The emotional impact of a Gwinnett County pedestrian accident may require months, if not years of medical treatment, which may be considered as evidence and damages as part of a New Hope pedestrian accident personal injury claim, to recede after the accident.

Depending on the severity of the Georgia pedestrian accident, the emotional impact may be as limited as not wanting to cross a road. However, more severe circumstances may prohibit a victim from wanting to leave their house, not walk on the side-walk, in a parking lot or get anywhere near a car on foot!

Based on the severity of the New Hope pedestrian accident, victims may experience one, some or all of the following feelings from it:

  • Survivor’s Remorse. While it sounds counter-intutitive, feeling bad that you survived and if there were other pedestrians involved in the accident and they experienced a fatal Gwinnett County pedestrian injury from the accident, it is normal to feel guilty that you lived and they did not.
  • Anxiety. Feeling anxious is completely normal. After suffering physical injuries from a Georgia pedestrian accident and realizing you were just hit with a car is a very traumatic experience to go through. This anxiety can translate into mild, moderate or severe depression which can keep you from enjoying your daily activities and even cause you to lose your job and its accompanying wages.   
  • Unplaced Anger. Feeling angry at the at-fault driver, the public safety officials, society in general are normal and occur more often than you think. Feeling mad and wondering why you have to be kept from enjoying life, going to your job and performing it without any help, having to receive medical treatment for your physical and emotional injuries is quite pervasive amongst New Hope pedestrian accident victims. If you think you are going to magically wake up and all of your problems are going to be gone and it does not happen, you will undoubtedly feel angry.

Whatever emotional impact you do experience will be by and large normal after being involved in a Gwinnett County pedestrian accident. Speaking with a medical professional to work out and cope with the emotional aspects of your accident will help you determine an action plan to deal with your overwhelming emotions that make you feel hopeless.

Victims of Georgia pedestrian accidents that suffer emotional injuries from the impact and resulting physical injuries may be entitled to be compensated for their medical bills among other available forms of legal justice. Don’t wait any longer, contact a Gwinnett County pedestrian accident attorney by calling Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 and schedule your free legal consultation today!

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