When Truckers Slash Risky Behaviors, Newnan Truck Crashes Will Lower

Truck drivers are notorious for being unsafe drivers. To be fair, truckers are often viewed in this light because the public is intimidated by the size of large semi-trucks. Additionally, motorists are more likely to notice when a tractor-trailer is weaving in and out of its lane over a smaller automobile due to the trucks’ large size.

As Coweta County accident attorneys, we know that there are safe as well as dangerous drivers behind the wheel of automobiles and semis. However, large commercial trucks can cause more damage and more serious injuries in the event of a Newnan truck crash. In order to reduce serious Georgia trucking accidents as well as their bad reputation, truckers have to swap dangerous driving habits for the following good behaviors, including:

  • Have the proper training
  • Don’t drive more than their maximum amount of hours
  • Get enough sleep
  • Don’t drive intoxicated
  • Take breaks
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Don’t overload the truck

Unfortunately, many truck drivers still participate in these risky behaviors—ultimately causing truck crashes and serious injuries. If you were injured by a truck driver who was driving dangerously, the trucker may have been breaking the law. There are many federal rules that truck drivers have to adhere to while behind the wheel.

Let an experienced Newnan truck accident attorney investigate the accident and the trucker involved to protect your interests and maximize the value of your case. For help holding the truck driver, trucking company, and the insurance company liable call Shane Smith Law today at 770.487.8999 for a free case consultation.