Your Rights When Road Debris Causes Atlanta Car Crashes

I just posted the story of a passenger who was seriously injured in an Atlanta car crash when tools and utility clamps fell off the back of a truck on Georgia 400. Road debris and debris falling from vehicles cause thousands of accidents every year.  These crashes may result in serious and even fatal injuries.

Where do road debris accidents occur?

Road debris accidents may occur on rural roads, on urban highways, and even in parking lots. They occur in all seasons and in all weather conditions.

What is road debris?

Road debris includes anything that doesn’t belong on the road: pieces of blown-out truck tires; downed trees, branches, or telephone wires; garbage; mattresses, furniture or other objects that fall off the back of trucks; and leaves, stones, and gravel.

What are the most common causes of Georgia road debris accidents?

Road debris contributes to Georgia highway accidents by either causing a driver to lose control of his vehicle or by being launched by the tires of a car into the windshield of another vehicle.  An accident may also occur when a driver must suddenly brake, swerve or change lanes in order to avoid debris.

How does debris get on the road?

Debris may be on the road because of:

  • Negligent Failure to Secure Load
  • Negligent Road Maintenance
  • Driver Negligence

Negligent Failure to Secure Load
A truck driver or passenger vehicle driver is responsible for ensuring that any load carried by the vehicle is secure and does not pose a danger to others.  If an object falls off a vehicle, the driver may be liable for any injuries that occur to others on the road. 
Negligent Road Maintenance
The city/county or state that is responsible for maintaining a road and keeping that road safe may be liable for accidents and injuries if they do not respond in a timely manner to reports of debris in the road. The Georgia accident attorney representing the victim must be able to prove that the agency in charge of road maintenance should have known about the road debris condition and had adequate time to clean it up or post warning signs.
Driver Negligence
Drivers are responsible for paying attention to their surroundings.  A distracted driver or a  driver traveling too fast for conditions (rain, snow or night) may cause an accident after hitting debris in the road.  If the accident could have been avoided had the driver not been behaving recklessly, he may found partially liable for any injuries to himself or others.
If you have been injured in a Georgia road debris accident, an experienced Atlanta car crash attorney can help determine who is liable for your injuries and property damage. Contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 to schedule a free consultation about your claim.
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