Common Truck Accident Terms

Lawsuits following truck accidents can be very complex.  There are numerous potential factors that may have contributed to the accident and numerous different parties who may be at fault.  These cases often make use of accident reconstruction and accident experts to determine fault and a lot of complicated terms are used that accident victims may not understand.  Because these cases can be so complex, you should always consult with an experienced truck accident attorney in Coweta County if you have been injured in a truck accident.  Below are only a few of the terms that are commonly found in truck cases. 

HAZMAT:  This refers to certain types of hazardous cargo that a truck may be transporting and includes corrosives, explosives, toxic substances, extremely hot substances, compressed air, and more.

Hours of Service:  This is the term for the maximum number of hours a truck driver may operate a commercial vehicle per day and week.  Hours of service are strictly regulated to avoid driver fatigue.

Jackknife accident:  This type of accident occurs when the truck trailer turns on its hinge to a 90 degree angle with the truck cab.  This is one of the most dangerous types of truck accidents.

Dead-heading:  This is when a truck operates with only a partial load.  This can be especially dangerous in tanker trucks carrying liquid, as the liquid may slosh and cause the trailer to tip over.

Allowable Payload:  This is the maximum amount of weight that a truck may carry based on the truck size, design, and axle capacity.  The maximum allowable total weight of any truck is 80,000 pounds.

Blind spots:  Blind spots are different in commercial trucks than in regular motor vehicles.  Blind spots exist along most of the sides of a truck with a complete blind spot behind the truck.

These are only a few of the terms you may hear when your truck accident lawyer is working on your case.  Shane Smith Law knows how to handle complex truck cases and help you get compensated for your injuries.  Call us today at (980) 246-2656

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