Heavy and Overloaded Trucks Can Cause Accidents

Tractor-trailer trucks are an important part of the American economy, transporting millions of tons of freight from place to place each day. While essential, an 80,000-pound vehicle traveling at 70 miles per hour poses an inherent risk of serious bodily injury to other people using the roadways. As a result, the entire industry is highly regulated by both state and federal law. These regulations concern almost every aspect of trucking, ranging from minimum training requirements for drivers to conspicuity and signage requirements on the vehicles themselves. When a driver or a trucking company violates these regulations and causes an accident, it may be sufficient to allow victims to recover compensation for their injuries. An attorney who is familiar with trucking regulations will be able to spot potential negligence and can help victims get the compensation they deserve.

 One of the most important aspects regulated is the weight of semi-trucks. Trucks that are particularly heavy may handle differently than other vehicles and also may require significantly longer distances to stop. In addition, trucks that are overloaded may be more prone to issues such as jackknife accidents and rollover accidents. Sometimes, the loads these vehicles are carrying themselves may become hazards to other motorists. Trucks often carry heavy cargo such as lumber or construction materials, which if released can cause serious accidents and catastrophic injury. The same holds true for vehicles that are carrying toxic or hazardous materials.

Unfortunately, truckers and trucking companies may be incentivized to overload their vehicles because they can deliver more cargo faster, putting profits over safety. When this occurs, it is important for victims to hold truckers and truck drivers accountable for the injuries they cause.

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