Tips for Pedestrians to Avoid Georgia Parking Lot Accidents and Injuries

Pedestrian accidents don’t just occur in intersections or along busy roadways, they also can take place in parking lots. Parking lots tend to have many activities taking place simultaneously including people walking, bicycling, and driving near each other. Some of the reasons why pedestrian accidents in Georgia occur in parking lots include:

  • Drivers accidentally press the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal 
  • Drivers are not paying attention –  they are involved in distracted driving
  • Drivers are only looking out for other cars and open parking spaces – not pedestrians
  • Drivers may not look before backing out of parking spots
  • Drivers traveling with excessive speed through parking lots

Although vehicles in parking lots are usually traveling at a lower speed than on the road, serious injuries to pedestrians can still occur if these cars strike them. If a vehicle hits a pedestrian even gently, the automobile can cause the pedestrian to fall down and hit his or her head, perhaps causing a serious head injury. Because head injuries and other pedestrian injuries can be very serious, pedestrian parking lot accidents should be avoided at all costs. Tips to reduce the amount of parking lot pedestrian accidents in Atlanta include:

Safety Tips for Drivers:

  • Always look for pedestrians and stay alert
  • Don’t assume that because you are in a vehicle that a pedestrian sees your car or will yield to you
  • Give way to pedestrians
  • Slow down in parking lots
  • Look carefully and take your time backing out of parking spaces to make sure no pedestrians are in the way

Drivers aren’t the only parties at fault in pedestrian parking lot accidents. Sometimes, pedestrians themselves are the cause of their own injuries. For this reason, pedestrians should make sure to follow the tips below to be safer in parking lots. 

Safety Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Never assume drivers see you
  • Attempt to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of or behind their vehicles
  • Be on the lookout for cars pulling out of their parking spaces
  • Always be looking for moving vehicles
  • Don’t walk and text – always pay attention and stay alert

When both parties stay alert and drive or walk cautiously, many pedestrian accidents in parking lots can be avoided. However, even when a pedestrian is alert, accidents can occur due to negligent drivers. If you were injured in a parking lot pedestrian accident in Georgia, you may have rights to a financial recovery. Call an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer at Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 for a free consultation today.

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