Was it Really an “Accident?” Don’t Be a Victim of Georgia Car Insurance Scams

Unfortunately, the slow economy means that there are an increasing number of people looking for a quick buck. Scam artists and professional criminals dupe unsuspecting drivers into staged accidents in order to collect car insurance payments. Victims of staged accidents may suffer injury and financial loss - but they aren't the only victims. Car insurance fraud is causing insurance premiums to rise across the United States.

The best way to avoid being a victim of a Georgia car insurance scam is to become familiar with the most common types of auto accident fraud. Atlanta auto accident attorney Shane Smith warns of the following types of Georgia traffic accident scams:

1. Staged accidents: A staged accident is one in which two drivers intentionally cause an Atlanta car crash. But sometimes drivers lose control of their vehicles in this type of crash. When things don't go as planned, innocent drivers and bystanders can get hurt.

2. Intentional rear-end car accidents that are made to look like they are your fault: You are driving down a street when you notice a car stopped on the road. The driver waves at you to go by. You follow his directions, but then he suddenly and unexpectedly pulls in front of you. You rear end his car. Next thing you know, he is complaining of neck pain and denying your story. What happened?

The driver wanted you to rear-end him so he could collect insurance money. There are many ways to cause forced rear-end accidents. Some drivers disconnect their brake lights and brake unexpectedly to cause a crash. Or a driver may pull in front of you while his friend pulls alongside you to prevent you from swerving. After forcing you to crash, the driver denies fault and tries to make it look like you were the unsafe driver.

1. Car repair shop fraud: After the accident, the other driver pushes you to use a certain repair shop for the car accident damage. The repair shop overcharges you. Work may not get done or the shop may repair parts that only need to be fixed. Either way, you or your insurance pays and the other driver and his friends get the cash.

2. Injury fraud: The driver works with a chiropractor who diagnoses injuries that aren't there.

3. Fake accident reports: A driver reports a hit-and-run accident for damage that he caused to his own car.

Intentional car accidents don't always go as planned and innocent people can be hurt - both physically and financially. Recognizing these scams is the first step to avoiding being a victim of car insurance fraud. For more information about avoiding auto insurance fraud, read the article, "Georgia Insurance Fraud: Don't Be Blamed for a Staged Car Accident." 

Anytime you are in an accident, try to protect yourself by taking pictures and protecting evidence. For more information, request a free copy of Shane Smith's book, 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case.

If you believe you were not at fault for your Georgia accident, talking with an Atlanta auto accident attorney may be a good idea. Contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656.

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