What Are Your Rights After an On-The-Job Atlanta Car Accident?

Truck drivers, bus drivers, garbage collectors, delivery persons, policemen, taxi drivers, real estate agents, construction workers, plumbers, repairmen, house cleaners… these are just a few of the hundreds of jobs that involve using a motor vehicle while at work.  Many of these workers are trained to be safe drivers, but driving skills cannot prevent all traffic accidents.  In fact, Atlanta motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of Georgia workplace fatalities and injuries.
Any of the following may be considered a workplace traffic accident:
  • Commercial drivers or delivery truck drivers involved in an accident
  • Car accidents that occur while an employee is on their way to see an off-site client
  • Car wrecks that occur while performing a task for an employer
  • Car crashes that occur while traveling for work-related conferences or other duties
What happens if you are injured in an Atlanta motor vehicle accident while you are working?
In general, injuries sustained in car accidents are covered by the at-fault driver's car insurance policy. However, injuries from work-related traffic accidents are usually covered by an employer's Georgia workers' compensation policy.  How does an on-the-job accident victim seek compensation?
People who are injured in a car or truck accident while on the job are often eligible for workers' compensation benefits.  To pursue these benefits, they must file an accident report, seek medical treatment, and file a claim with their employer.
However, on-the-job accident victims may also file a third-party liability claim against the at-fault driver. To pursue a third-party claim, a car crash victim should meet with an Atlanta accident attorney.  The attorney will determine if compensation can be collected from any of the following sources:
  • The driver’s own auto insurance
  • The other driver's insurance
  • Agencies responsible for negligent road maintenance or man-made road hazards
  • Manufacturers of defective car parts (for example, the tire manufacturer when an accident is caused by a tire blow-out)
If you have been injured in an Atlanta traffic accident that occurred while you were working, Georgia crash attorney Shane Smith can help you determine if you have a third-party claim. Contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 to schedule a free consultation.  
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