Georgia Passes Slowpoke Law to Keep Left Lane Clear

Georgia legislators enacted a highway slowpoke law that went into effect in July. The legislation is intended to reduce tailgating, road rage and traffic congestion while improving traffic flow. In theory, reducing congestion would also reduce traffic collisions.

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According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the new law requires drivers in the left lane on a Georgia highway, interstate or expressway to move to the right when a fast car approaches from behind. The law also allows law enforcement officers to issue citations or warnings to slow drivers who interrupt the flow of traffic by traveling too slowly in the left lane. Exceptions exist when there is bad weather, road construction, or heavy traffic that would not permit safe lane changes.

A survey of major insurance companies favored the new regulation. It cited the following as frequent "slowpoke drivers":

  • Distracted drivers: According to, using a cell phone while driving reduces focus by as much as 37 percent. Studies have shown that drivers who are not looking at the road tend to slow. Additionally, reaction times are slowed when a driver is distracted.
  • Tourists: Sightseers tend to lose focus and admire the scenery, paying less attention to the road or to speed limits.
  • Young drivers: These tend to be inexperienced drivers who may not be familiar with a road or who may be turned around by their surroundings. When they are uncertain of their direction they may slow to get their bearings.
  • Older drivers: These drivers may lack confidence in their driving ability so they slow to compensate. They may also have physical limitations that make driving painful, thus the propensity to drive slower. They may also have vision problems that limit their ability to see road hazards.

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