Sign up process

During sign up, we want to get a signed contract with you so that we have legal right to move forward with your case. To get the contract, you can either come to the office and speak to Attorney Shane Smith, or we can send an investigator out to you. We know that after an injury it is sometimes hard to move and drive, so we prefer to send an investigator out to you to talk to you about our contract and your case and to get all initial paperwork signed.

Also, during this time, a case manager will call and set up an initial interview to go over the facts of the case. These questions are so that we can find out where to go to request an accident report and to get the first set of your medical bills.
Once we know where your accident occurred, we will request an accident report so that we can get the necessary information from the liable party – the person who damaged you. We need to get their insurance information to set up your liability claim.
Finally, with our interview we will check to see how you are feeling. If you are seeking medical care, then we will discuss how long the doctor expects you to be in treatment and if you are getting the care that your injuries require. If you are not yet seeking medical care, then we will recommend several good doctors in the area to help get you treated. 

After these tasks have been completed, your case will move in to our Claims phase.

*YOUR Case, while in the sign up phase is being handled by Melissa. You may contact her at 770-487-8999 ext. 3 for any questions relating to your case.

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