Compensation Children as Georgia DUI Victims Are Entitled to

Drunk driving crashes are a major threat to drivers on Georgia roads, and sadly claim a number of lives every year. When a child’s parents die as a result of a drunk driver—whether a child was or wasn’t in the vehicle at the time of the crash—then that child becomes a Georgia DUI victim and is entitled to maximum compensation for his or her losses.

Losing one or both parents can cause children to grieve and suffer an emotional loss. Sadly, children are uprooted from their homes and start living a life without mommy and daddy by their side. Although children are often too young to realize the impact of losing their parents, they feel the loss. Unfortunately, there are financial losses that children often suffer when they lose their parents at a young age.

Not only do parents provide their children with love, comfort, and support, they financially support them too. When they are gone, they cannot care for their children in these ways. This is why a child DUI victim in Georgia needs to pursue a lawsuit to collect compensation for the following losses:

  • Medical bills and funeral expenses related to the death
  • Monetary losses
  • Loss of love and guidance
  • Loss of care and protection
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

When children lose their parents in drunk driving accidents, they can sue for far more than compensation. Their entire world has changed, and they are due just compensation. To make sure you or the child you are caring for is compensated for such a tragic loss, contact an experienced Peachtree City DUI victim attorney at Shane Smith Law for a free consultation today at (980) 246-2656 to learn more.

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