Georgia DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith Explains Georgia’s State-Wide Anti-Drunk Driving Efforts

Gwinnett County DUI Attorney Shane Smith Gives an Update on Georgia’s Organizations that Comfort & Combat Drunk Driving

Unfortunately, far too many innocent Georgia residents are injured and killed due to negligent and reckless drunk drivers. When someone decides to drink and drive, they never take into account the effects alcohol has on their ability to drive – their judgment, vision, mental acuity and reaction time. This selfish and completely preventable behavior unfortunately leads to many catastrophic Gwinnett County DUI auto accidents.

What Does the Community do to Prevent More Alcohol Related Crashes & Deaths?

Helping Georgia DUI auto accident victims

For victims and family members of those who have been killed in a Snellville DUI accident. Occurring on April 20, 2013 the Mother’s  Against Drunk Driving (MADD) VIGIL is an opportunity for Mothers Against Drunk Driving to let those impacted by Georgia drunk drivers exchange stories and understand they are not alone.

Students Against Drunk Driving along with the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has been working for more than three decades. These two organizations have been educating young people about the dangers of drunk driving. Encouraging these people to take this knowledge to help their friends, family and community at-large, SADD helps reduce under-age and of age drunk driving through classes, conferences, rallies, and prevention education.      

Lobbying Efforts to Increase Penalties For First Time DUI Offenders  

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has been on the forefront of leading lobbying efforts to have a zero tolerance policy in Georgia for drunk drivers. The organization’s latest efforts, as of March 11, 2013 has been asking the Georgia State legislature to extend the mandatory ignition interlock devices (commonly known as in-car breathalyzers, to first time DUI offenders. While Georgia requires repeat offenders to have this installed in their car, first time offenders are exempt. In fact, MADD believes that as many as 150 deaths can be prevented from this legislative change.

It is important to make sure that you are safe on Georgia roads and are not involved in a Georgia DUI auto accident. If you or a family member have been involved in a Gwinnett County DUI auto accident and would like to know your legal rights, contact a Georgia DUI accident attorney to see what your legal rights are. During your free consultation at Shane Smith Law your Gwinnett County auto accident attorney will be able to evaluate your circumstances and let you know what you might be able to recover through a Georgia personal injury claim. Call (980) 246-2656 to have your DUI accident discussed today.    

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