DUI Wrongful Death Claims: What You Should Know

When a drunk driver kills someone, it is often considered a wrongful death. Just as the term suggests, the death occurs because of another person's negligence. It is an egregious act that leaves the victim's loved ones behind to try to put their lives back together. To help them do this, they may be entitled to file a wrongful death personal injury lawsuit, which may help them recoup some of their losses.

People eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit may include the following:

  • Parents
  • Spouses
  • Children. Minors might require an adult who has custody or legal guardianship of the child to manage a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf
  • Other family members. Under state law and your family circumstances, eligible parties may include grandparents, stepparents, and dependents

It’s important to recognize that the losses of a wrongful death suit are your losses. You have suffered an injury because someone important to you is no longer present in your life. A lawsuit cannot bring back your family member, but it can try to minimize the financial hardship you will suffer because of the death.

Potential compensation for wrongful death claims could include the following:

  • Loss of income, as well as lost future income
  • Decreased quality of life, loss of companionship, and lost emotional support
  • Pain and suffering
  • Inheritance loss
  • Hospital and burial costs

If you think that you have a legitimate wrongful death case, you should seek legal advice from a knowledgeable Atlanta wrongful death lawyer. Your attorney can assist you in putting together a court case that will help you seek the compensation you deserve. Consulting a DUI victim attorney in Georgia can also ease some of the anxiety you might be going through.

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