Will the Insurance Company Pay My Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

Many times people say, “You know, I just want my bills paid, Shane.  I just want the insurance company to pay my medical bills.  Why do I need a lawyer for that?” 

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Pay For Medical Bills After a Georgia Auto Accident

The insurance company will look for ways to argue that your doctor bills are too high.  They’ll tell you your chiropractor’s bill is too high.  They’ll tell you the emergency room should not have run those tests, that you didn’t need those MRIs because they didn’t show anything was wrong.  They’ll argue that since you went to the emergency room right after the accident and your blood pressure was high and they admitted you, it's not their fault; you had blood pressure problems before the accident.  They’re going to ignore the fact that the pain and the stress of the accident are what caused your blood pressure to be uncontrollable.  They’re going to argue that your chiropractor was charging too much money and that his fee is unreasonable like that’s your fault.  They’re going to argue that the chiropractor or the physical therapist or the orthopedist should not have treated you for as long as he or she did.  They’re going to argue that you weren’t really in that much pain, that you just went to the doctor because you thought it was fun and enjoyable.  Those aren’t the exact words they’ll use, but that’s what they’ll imply.  They’ll imply that you just ran up the bill because you thought you’d get more money.  They’ll imply that you just wanted to go to the doctor.  They’ll imply that the condition you had surgery for was not related to the accident, even if your back pain was controllable by medication prior to the accident and your medication had not changed in two years before the accident.  They’re going to argue that’s not their fault. 

If it were as easy as them just paying the medical bills maybe it would be okay.  And they’ll talk to you like it will be until after you’ve run up all those medical bills; then suddenly they start fighting you. 

Reasonable Medical Care

Well, it’s a little late once you’ve got the bills to be talking about whether they’re going to pay them or not.  They’ll tell you that they will pay for reasonable medical care.  What is reasonable medical care?  Well, the insurance company decides what’s reasonable or not - not you and not your doctor. Their computer system calculates what is “reasonable” based on the severity of your property damage and the medical diagnosis. 

A Fayette County Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Your Medical Bills Paid

So, if you want the insurance company to determine what’s reasonable, how much medical care is reasonable, how much a reasonable bill is and how much was a reasonable length of time for you to go to the doctor, then do so.  But if you want to leave it up to your medical doctor and you, then you probably need to get an experienced, Peachtree City car accident lawyer to help you.

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