Fayette County Deputy Causes Crash That Leaves 2 Injured

A Fayette County Sheriff's deputy has been found at fault for the June accident that left two others seriously injured.
The Fayetteville traffic accident occurred on June 21 at the intersection of Georgia Highway 314 and White Oak Way.  Deputy Clint Patton was responding to a report of a possible shooting.  He had his emergency lights on and his siren activated as he sped east on White Oak Way.  Patton made a left turn north on Highway 14 just as Gerald Sudduth's Ford Explorer entered the intersection.  The Ford Explorer tried to stop, but skidded 75 feet and struck the front left side of the patrol car.  Gerald Sudduth and his wife Linda sustained multiple injuries.  They were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center for treatment. The police officer was also injured and was taken to Atlanta Medical Center.
The police cruiser's onboard video system recorded the accident. An investigation found that the deputy failed to stop at a posted stop sign and failed to yield to the oncoming vehicle. An earlier review recommended that Patton be suspended from duty for 16 hours.

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