3 Things That Must Be Recorded in a Trucker’s Log Book

Information from a trucker’s log book can indicate if negligence was a factor in your truck driver accident. To learn if you have a viable claim, contact the Law Offices of Shane Smith in Peachtree City. A personal injury attorney can go over the log book to determine if the driver did not follow federal regulations. 

Three Items Contained in a Driver’s Log 

Of the things that must be recorded in the log book is the driver’s work period. This may recorded as ‘Driving’ or ‘On-Duty (Not Driving)’. This includes driving time and non-driving duties such as loading or unloading cargo, servicing the vehicle, or other duties performed in a work-related capacity. 

Drivers must also record when they are off duty. This typically includes time spent resting and performing non-work related duties. They may stop to eat, shower or just to take a break from the road or work. 

A driver must also include time spent in the sleeper berth. A sleeper berth is an area of the truck where the driver may sleep or rest. This is similar to berths on ships or trains where passengers or employees may go to sleep. 

Recording Service Hours Violations 

If there are violations or incomplete entries in a trucker’s logbook, it could result in fines. There may be stiffer penalties as well.  

Additionally, the times must comply with the hours-of-service (HOS) rules that are enforced by federal trucking laws. Some of these rules were implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2012 but must be complied with by July 1, 2013. This includes a provision regarding rest breaks stating that the trucker cannot drive unless eight hours or less have passed after his or her last off-duty period lasting 30 minutes or longer. 

Help from a Peachtree City Personal Injury Lawyer After a Truck Accident 

Contact the Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 (Peachtree City) or (980) 246-2656 You may also download a copy of our FREE guide, which shares costly mistakes you can avoid. An attorney can go over truck driver accidents and log book requirements that may be applicable to your case.

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