Georgia DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith Explains How Serious Drunk Driving Is & Explains Your Rights

Responsible Drivers Are at Risk of Irresponsible Drunk Drivers According to DUI Accident Attorney Shane Smith

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) drivers are at a high risk of facing Georgia DUI auto accidents. These Gwinnett County DUI accidents are often due to negligent and reckless operators driving at high speeds which cause countless injuries and fatalities. In fact, of the 233 billion car trips all over America, including Georgia, one out of 2000 trips has a driver under the influence of alcohol. However, one-third of all accidents involve a drunk driver. Therefore, you need to be vigilant on the road because this tiny segment of our population is responsible for such catastrophic results.

More Statistics from MADD

  • Nearly every hour (53 minutes) an innocent person is killed in a Georgia DUI accident
  • Every minute-and-a-half, there is a new injured victim because of another careless drunk driver.
  • Nearly 1 out of 3 drunk driving crimes, injuries and deaths are caused from repeat drunk drivers.
  • Virtually anytime we hit the road to go to work, take care of our young and elderly parents or want to have responsible leisure activities, as many as 2 million drunk diving repeat offenders are on the road.

Shane Smith Law has many years of experience when it comes to helping New Hope DUI auto accident victims. You are able to schedule a free legal consultation where you can speak with a Georgia DUI accident attorney. You will have your accident circumstances evaluated and if an at-fault party is identified and you have substantiated damages, you may be able to commence a civil personal injury claim. Call our offices at (980) 246-2656

How MADD Helps Drivers in Georgia & Across America Become Safer

Mothers Against Drunk Driving helps reduce Georgia DUI auto accidents through the following actions:

  • Working with law enforcement to create more sobriety checks to catch drunk drivers.
  • Promote anti-drunk driving campaigns such as the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaigns with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Increasing public awareness and adoption of DADSS. The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety works by measuring the blood alcohol content of an operator before they are able to operate the car.

Although MADD does a great job educating, working with public safety officials to prevent and catch drunk drivers before they cause a Gwinnett County DUI auto accident, all too often drunk drivers cause irreparable damage and pain to innocent operators and victims on Georgia public roads. If you or your family has fallen victim to a New Hope DUI auto accident, speaking with a Gwinnett County DUI accident attorney at Shane Smith Law will help protect your rights and make sure that you receive justice. Call (980) 246-2656 to schedule a free legal consultation to see if you have a claim today!    

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