How Does Someone Who Has Been Hit by a Drunk Driver in Atlanta Qualify for the State’s Victim Financial Relief Program?

The program to which you are most likely referring is the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program. Someone who has been hit by a drunk driver in Atlanta or who is a victim of another crime can qualify for this program if:

  • You did not provoke the situation that led to the crime
  • You were physically injured in the crime
  • You are the parent of a person killed as a result of a crime
  • You are the deceased’s dependent who relied on the victim for support

In order for any of the above people to receive assistance through this program, the crime—the Georgia drunk driving accident—needs to be reported within 72 hours, and the application for this program must be filled out within one year of the crime. 

This program provides financial relief by easing the monetary impact of lost wages, medical expenses, mental health counseling, funeral expenses, and more. The program may not cover all expenses, but it could help ease the financial burden and provide up to $15,000 in medical expenses, up to $10,000 in economic support, up to $3,000 in counseling expenses, and up to $3,000 in funeral expenses. The total maximum amount per victim is $25,000.

Sometimes, the financial situation after an Atlanta drunk driving accident is clear and simple. A drunk driver may have enough insurance coverage to pay for the victim’s property damages, lost wages, and medical bills. If this is the case, then the victim will not qualify for this program. However, sometimes the drunk driver is uninsured or underinsured, causing the victim to look elsewhere to find financial compensation.

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