Business Layoffs: Best Ways for Employees to Avoid Getting Laid Off

Although some workers become fatalistic after hearing layoff rumors, others just get busy -- looking for ways to make sure their bosses see them as irreplaceable. After all, no one wants to let an employee go, even temporarily, if that person tends to accomplish more in one day than most others achieve in two. Furthermore, some workers regularly contribute so many creative ideas that they help improve the company’s bottom line. They also have unique staying power. 

Whether you’re reading this article when your job seems threatened – or if you’re a boss wanting to improve worker productivity during lean times -- be aware that the following behaviors provide the best clues for deciding who should definitely remain on the payroll.

Attitudes/Habits That Keep Some Gainfully Employed While Others Are Laid Off or Let Go

  • Arriving early each day and often working late – on your own time. Make sure you’re doing accurate work and plenty of it. Bosses rarely let an employee go who shows extreme dedication and accuracy on a daily basis;

  • Volunteer for added duties you know you can handle. If your boss often has trouble getting a certain report in at the end of each day and you’re certain you can handle it efficiently, offer to begin handling that task for him/her;

  • Rarely call in sick and only take a small percentage of any vacation time. The minute you can’t be seen, you can be sure someone else will be trying to fill in for you;

  • Enroll in classes that can improve your daily skills. If you can obtain a much-needed certificate demonstrating new skills or qualifications – or can complete a reputable school’s night classes providing you with talents that can help you move up in the company, let your boss know what you’re doing and be sure to keep putting in your regular number of weekly work hours;

  • Ask your boss if you can do some added networking within other company departments to increase your viability in case you’re tapped for a layoff. It’s important to get this permission so it won’t look like you’re disinterested in your current position. Be sure to note that you’re hoping your boss can keep you on -- but then state that you have a long-term desire to work for the company and know that a layoff could defeat that goal;

  • Request a new employee evaluation, stressing your desire to keep improving your skills and daily productivity. Since most people hide from evaluations, your desire to become more productive may speak volumes about your usefulness to the company.

    Of course, there are two other basic habits of employees who survive layoffs. First, they always display a positive attitude in the workplace. Second, they never contribute to any office gossip. After all, the latter usually proves deadly when a boss is trying to decide who to keep and who to let go.

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