PTSD in Georgia DUI Victims Know the Signs

If your loved one was injured in a Georgia drunk driving accident, he may suffer from PTSD in the months following the crash. PTSD is a psychological injury that occurs as a result of life-threatening trauma. Victims of PTSD relive or re-experience the trauma, avoid situations and people that remind them of the trauma, and often live in a state of increased anxiety or hyper-vigilance.

If your loved one was injured in a Georgia DUI car crash, you should know the signs and symptoms of PTSD.

Signs and Symptoms of PTSD:
1. Reliving or re-experiencing the trauma

  • Recurring memories of the accident
  • Nightmares about the crash or about car crashes in general
  • Feeling or acting like the trauma is happening again
  • Anxiety or stress when reminded of the accident in any way

2. Avoidance of situations, people, and things that are associated with the accident

  • Difficulty getting in a car
  • Avoiding TV shows with accident, police, or injury themes
  • Avoiding the place where the accident occurred
  • Avoiding thoughts or feelings related to the accident
  • Not being able to remember the accident
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Feeling detached from friends and family
  • Feeling numb or being unable to experience feelings
  • Feeling of impending doom

3. Symptoms of increased anxiety or hyper-vigilance

  • Insomnia or sleep difficulties
  • Irritability
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling “on alert” at all times

If your loved one is experiencing any of the symptoms of PTSD after a Georgia DUI car crash, it is important to seek medical help. You may also want legal help.

Seeking justice can give victims a sense of closure and help them move on with their lives. To learn how a civil lawsuit can help you get accountability for your DUI car crash injuries, contact Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656