Remove Intoxicated Driving Rid and Their Role in Preventing Deadly Drunk Driving Wrecks

At Shane Smith Law, we represent those injured in catastrophic wrecks with drunk drivers. Seeing the damage drunk driving does to people and families in the area on a continual basis, we support organizations committed to eliminating or eradicating drunk driving.

One of the organizations that we support is RID, which stands for Remove Intoxicated Drivers. RID was founded by current president Doris Aiken in 1978, after the deaths of Karen and Timothy Morris, 17 and 19, at the hands of a 22-year-old drunk driver.

RID's mission, according to their website, is to:

Deter impaired driving, and teen binge-drinking often leads to intense trauma for all concerned. We are advocates for victims, enablers of tough laws, and watchdogs for law enforcement and adjudication in the courts. We educate the public about the impact of abusive alcohol use on life and health with materials, public awareness campaigns, and intense media interactions.

Unlike other similar organizations, RID has been built completely at the grassroots level, not paying any professional field workers or fundraisers. Even so, RID has become large and influential, with chapters or individual coordinators in 41 states.

It is through organizations like this that so much progress is made, and as an extension, so many innocent lives are saved. If you are interested in getting involved with RID, you can contact them through their website at

We help the victims of drunk driving accidents get back on their feet after a tragic wreck, but that does not mean we want these wrecks to happen. We urge everyone to support organizations like RID, and do your part at home to talk with your kids about the dangers of drunk driving.

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