Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney Can Help After You’ve Been Injured in a Drunk Driving Accident Caused by Another Driver

An Atlanta auto accident attorney can help you recoup damages for your injuries after a drunk driving car accident, but while an attorney can handle almost every aspect of your DUI auto injury claim, he or she cannot control your actions – or, in some cases, inactions. So protect your claim by taking note of these case-destroying mistakes and being sure to avoid them: 
  • refusing medical treatment or insisting that you are not hurt – this can wreak havoc on the viability of your claim. It’s best to just say as little as possible at the scene of the accident and go directly to the doctor’s or hospital afterwards;
  • failing to follow up on doctor’s orders or appointments – if you don’t treat your injury like it’s serious, then why should the defense, the insurance company, the judge, or the jury?;
  • giving a recorded statement to the defendant’s insurance company – adjusters may act friendly and sympathetic, but they are waiting for you to make a mistake or trip up on your words so that they can take your answers out of context or misconstrue them. When in doubt, have your attorney handle the adjusters; and
  • failing to consider additional types of damages – you should be compensated for any time you have to take away from work. Additionally, your attorney should investigate additional liabilities through which you can recover compensation, such as dram shop liability laws, which hold bars that serve alcohol to clearly inebriated patrons responsible when those patrons injure someone in an accident. 

After you’ve been injured in a drunk driver car accident, reach out to an Atlanta injury lawyer who can help you by handling your DUI injury claim with the finesse and perseverance necessary to get you the best possible recovery for your injuries. 

Contact an Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer about Your Auto Injury Claim 

After a drunk driver car accident, you and your family may be dealing with the grief of serious injury, loss of a loved one, and financial burdens. During this difficult time it’s easy to get frustrated with your situation – you didn’t deserve to suffer due to the negligence of another!

The personal injury lawyers at Shane Smith Law are lawyers who get it; we know the frustration our clients are experiencing when dealing with insurance companies. 

Many of our clients don’t know how to hire a lawyer, so we offer 2 FREE guides, I Was Hit By a Drunk Driver: What Do I Do Next? and 10 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Georgia Wreck Case. Our guides contain valuable information on filing a lawsuit or DUI injury claim for your accident, auto injury claim, and how an Atlanta car wreck lawyer can help. When you’re ready to get started on your claim, contact us to set up a FREE consultation – (980) 246-2656

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