Child DUI Deaths in Georgia; Do Parents Have Rights?

Losing a child to a drunk driver is a true tragedy.  It is unfair that a child's life should end because a grown-up who knew better made the careless decision to get behind the wheel.  Parents may feel outraged and unsure of how to move forward with their lives.
When a child is killed in a Georgia DUI car accident, the driver will face criminal charges.  However, many drunk drivers receive the minimum mandatory sentence regardless of who was hurt or whether a child was killed.  This is not justice.
The only avenue available to families who lose a loved one to a drunk driver is through the civil courts.  Families of Georgia DUI victims may sue the drunk driver and possibly others (for example, the bar that served him and let him get behind the wheel) for compensation. This is called a Georgia wrongful death claim. A DUI death is wrongful because the child's death was caused by another person's intentional act of wrongdoing.  Filing a wrongful death claim for a child's DUI death cannot make a wrong right, but it can help a family obtain closure and a sense of justice.
In most cases, the parent of the child will file the wrongful death claim.  However, if the child's parents were also killed, surviving siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles or other guardians may file a claim.  An Atlanta DUI injury attorney will be able to advise you of your rights.
The Atlanta DUI injury attorneys at Shane Smith Law understand that you have suffered an extreme wrong and would like to help you get justice. If you'd like to discuss your family's loss with an Atlanta DUI injury attorney, contact Shane Smith Law to schedule a confidential legal consultation.  There is no charge for the initial appointment.
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