Refusing Medical Treatment After a Drunk Driver Car Accident Can Hurt Your Georgia Auto Injury C

Any Atlanta auto injury lawyer will tell you that the decision to refuse medical treatment is one that will negatively impact your ability to collect on an auto injury claim for injuries. 

If you are the victim of a DUI car accident, immediately seek medical attention from a doctor’s office or hospital – it’s not enough to be treated by an emergency medical technician at the scene of the accident. 

EMTs will stabilize your condition, but being seen by a doctor will create a medical record, a permanent piece of evidence that you and your attorney can invoke during your case to demonstrate the extent of your injuries and the impact that the accident has had on your life.

If you wait until your condition worsens, the defense attorneys will question why you didn’t seek medical treatment immediately and will likely go as far as to propose that your injuries were not serious at all and that you are trying to capitalize off their defendant’s DUI through baseless litigation. 

Safeguard your claim against these kinds of outlandish accusations by seeing a doctor about your injuries and getting a copy of all of your:  

  • medical records;

  • medical bills; and

  • of any notes or orders made by your doctor about your condition. 

Contact an Atlanta Car Wreck Lawyer about Your Auto Injury Claim 

After a drunk driver car accident, you and your family may be dealing with the grief of serious injury, loss of a loved one, and financial burdens. During this difficult time it’s easy to get frustrated with your situation – you didn’t deserve to suffer due to the negligence of another!

The personal injury lawyers at Shane Smith Law are lawyers who get it; we know the frustration our clients are experiencing when dealing with insurance companies. 

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