The Best Way to Prove a Georgia Wrongful Death Boating Accident

Hitting the water on a boat can be fun and relaxing; however, for the boat operator or owner, boating isn’t just about having fun. Boat owners are supposed to keep their boats well maintained and know how to carefully operate and navigate boats on Georgia’s lakes and waterways in order to avoid boating accidents. However, some boat owners and operators are careless, inexperienced, inattentive, or intoxicated—all factors that can lead to a deadly Georgia boating accident.

When a deadly boating crash claims the life of your loved one, you need to know if any of the aforementioned factors contributed to your loss. But how will you know if the boating operator was intoxicated or in violation of regulations? The Georgia wrongful death boating accident injury lawyers at Shane Smith Law know the right questions to ask in order to find out, including:

  • Did the boat operator at the time of the crash own the boat, or was the boat rented?
  • Did the boat operator have training or experience driving a boat?
  • Was the boat operator excessively speeding?
  • Was the boat operator drinking prior to the crash?
  • Was the boat operator driving in a reckless manner?
  • Did defective equipment lead to the wrongful death?

Many times there are witnesses to deadly boating crashes, and attorneys can speak to witnesses and conduct thorough investigations to find out if the boat operator was using reasonable care to avoid a boating accident, or if the operator was driving under the influence and behaving in a negligent and reckless manner.

The best way to establish fault and prove a wrongful death boating accident is to hire a skilled Peachtree City wrongful death lawyer who knows what it takes to conduct a thorough investigation in order to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call Shane Smith Law today at (980) 246-2656 for a free case consultation.

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