Settling Your Claim Yourself Without Atlanta Injury Attorneys (Part A)

In some cases, Atlanta injury attorneys may be necessary to help you through the claims process to recover compensation for damages. However, this isn’t always the case. Which route is right for you?

After suffering an accident, some victims attempt to handle their personal injury case on their own. They prefer this route because it saves them time by not having to research lawyers. In addition, they save money because lawyer fees can be very costly and eat up a percentage of the settlement. Filing an insurance claim is not hard to do by yourself if you have good research skills, a solid knowledge of the law, good organization skills and lots of patience.

When to Handle Your Own Claim

There are times when handling your own claim is the smart choice. For example, if the injuries or damages are minor – vehicle damage, scrapes, bruises or lacerations -- then the process is as easy as filing an insurance claim with your insurance company and the insurance company of the other party. In many cases, your claim will be approved easily, and you get to keep all the compensation you receive to yourself.

There are certain types of personal injury claims that are best suited to be handled on your own. These include pedestrian and vehicle accidents, home accidents, slips and falls, and defective products. However, if the case becomes complicated or the injuries are severe – causing disabilities or life-threatening injuries – then having Atlanta injury attorneys represent your case can be beneficial.

Reasons to Handle Your Own Claim

In many cases, filing an insurance claim is as simple as making a few phone calls and perhaps submitting evidence. You do not necessarily need to know technical legal language to be successful.

In addition, you know the facts surrounding the accident better than anyone else. Although a lawyer is trained to fight in your defense, he or she does not truly know the extent of the injuries you suffered, nor does he or she have a firsthand account of what happened.

Another thing to note is that the compensation system is based on a formula, not whether or not you have a lawyer. Although a lawyer often can get you more compensation in certain cases, an insurance company typically will not pay above and beyond for typical cases. Even if you do get a little bit extra, up to 40 percent of your compensation will go toward lawyer fees.

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