Georgia Auto Accidents Can Be Caused by Lack of Maintenance and Equipment Failure

According to a survey by the website, two-thirds of parents reported that their teens had little or no car maintenance basic knowledge. Drivers who do not safely maintain their vehicles place passengers and other drivers at risk.

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A teen's lack of driving experience and understanding of vehicle maintenance issues can lead to vehicle malfunctions that cause accidents. Teenagers may disregard warning signs such as squeaking brakes or neglect to perform or schedule standard maintenance including changing oil, inspecting and changing brake pads or inspecting underinflated tires or replacing worn tires.

Parents can make their children safer drivers and reduce accident risks by discussing auto maintenance necessities such as:

  • Replacing oil regularly
  • Replacing brake and steering fluid
  • Inspecting and replacing worn brake pads
  • Inspecting tire tread
  • Inspecting tire pressure
  • Inspecting engine coolant

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