Why It’s Not Always a Good Idea to Speak With an Insurance Adjuster After an Atlanta Auto Accident

Following an Atlanta auto accident, it may be hard to know how to act, what to say, and what to do since it may have been the first collision that you were ever involved in. You may also not be in your best state of mind after a car crash. Because of this, you may not know that even saying the words “I’m sorry” following the wreck could be used against you – even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Although saying “I’m sorry” is a commonly used statement to express your sympathies, insurance companies will take it and use it against you to indicate that you were apologizing for causing or contributing to the crash. You may never have said the words to the other party’s insurance adjuster, but you may have told the other driver, “I’m sorry you are injured,” and that driver may have told his or her insurance adjuster what you said. 

All it takes is a couple of wrong words to stir up uncertainty as to who caused the crash and insurance adjusters know that. This is why you should be very careful talking to any insurance adjuster before consulting with an accident attorney first. 

How Words Can Haunt You

An article on BusinessReviewUSA.com reveals the way that innocent words said after a crash can be spun the wrong way so that insurance adjusters can create doubt and not have to disburse as much money in a settlement offer. This means that even saying the words “I’m sorry” can dramatically reduce your settlement offer from the insurance company.

As Atlanta auto accident attorneys, we recommend that you not speak with the other driver’s insurance adjuster unless you have an attorney present. If you receive a letter from the other driver’s insurance company asking you to call them, disregard it. If an adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company calls you, you can tell him or her that you do not want to discuss the accident; however, you need to be polite when speaking with the adjuster. You can ask for the adjuster’s name and claim number, and then provide it to your attorney. 

Even if the adjuster seems nice, he or she is hoping you will say something that works in his or her favor. Remember that even telling an adjuster the truth can be used against you, as your words can be manipulated to reduce your compensation. 

An Accident Attorney Can Minimize Damage to Your Case

If you or someone in your family has been hurt in a Georgia auto accident that was not your fault, let experienced attorneys handle your claim for compensation so that you do not say anything that could reduce the amount of compensation you deserve to receive. Call a skilled Atlanta personal injury lawyer at Shane Smith Law at (980) 246-2656 to find out more about your rights in a free consultation today.

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